Alfyn Greengrass is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is one of the playable characters and one of the eight main heroes of the game.


Alfyn has disheveled brown hair, with the hairs of the crown up, and a small ponytail on the back of his head. He has a beige and brown t-shirt with a green jacket with buttons. He has beige pants and dark brown boots. He carries a brown bag of medicine, has brown eyes and a friendly smile.


Alfyn is a kind and genuine young man, who is always willing to help those in need, expecting nothing in return. He cares about his friends and fellow townsfolk and wants to help them in anyway possible. This is shown when he shows reluctance from starting an adventure to help cure the ill and help the needy as he is worried of what will happen if he were to leave the village of Clearbrook, going on about worrying about each and every citizen in one of his monologues.

It is revealed by his childhood friend and fellow apothecary, Zeph, that he had been quite the troublemaker in his younger years. However, this changed when he was struck with an illness and was healed by a strange man who did not ask for anything in return for his service and only did it as he saw a person in need. Alfyn soon adopts this policy once he gets better and pursues the profession of being an apothecary.


Alfyn was known as a runt by his friend, Zeph, with the two of them being close since their childhood years.

When he fell ill from a plague, an unnamed man came to his aid and healed him. Alfyn had asked why he would heal a dirt-poor person such as himself, but the man simply disregarded this and said that he helped because he was in need and asked nothing in return. This sparked his interest in becoming an apothecary and has then studied in order to become like the man who had saved him.

After the death of Zeph's father, Alfyn had suggested to him to study an apothecary so that the both of them can help the people they care about, which paid off. The townsfolk started to depend on the both of them more after completing their practices, Alfyn especially with how he insistently gives out discounts and with his effective cures. A year before the canon timeline, when Alfyn's story begins, his mother passed away.


Weapons: Axes

Apothecary Skills:Edit

  • First Aid (4): Restore HP to a single ally.
  • Icicle (7): Deal ice damage to a single foe.
  • Rehabilitate (10): Cure a single ally of all status ailments, and render them immune to further status ailments for 2 turns.
  • Amputation (8): Unleash an axe attack on a single foe.
  • Empoison (6): Poison a single foe for 2 turns.
  • Vivify (16): Revive a single incapacitated ally.
  • Last Stand (16): Attack all foes with an axe, dealing damage inversely proportional to your current HP.

*Dohter's Clarity (30): For 3 turns, items used by a single chosen ally will affect all

Support Skills: Edit

  • Inspiration: With each successful standard attack, gain SP equal to 1% of the damage you deal.
  • Hale and Hearty: Increases maximum HP by 500.
  • Resist Ailments: Improves resistance to poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, and unconsciousness.
  • Heightened Healing: Gain an additional 30% HP or SP when being healed or restored.



From Middle English alfyn, alphyn, aufyn, etc., from Old French alfin, from Spanish alfil, arfil, from Arabic الفِيل‎ (al-fīl, “the elephant”).



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