Sunshade is a town in Sunlands, and it is the starting location for Primrose's campaign. The town is centered on the marketplace and tavern, where Primrose and the other dancers are the main attraction.

Sunshade Tavern

In the center of town is a main road with a marketplace of sorts. Tobias can be found on the west side of the road. In the back is Helgenish's Tavern, the place where the dancers dance. This is considered the main attraction of the town.

Sunshade East

On the east side of the town is the dancers baracks, armorer, and houses can be found. The Wayfaring Girl and Antagonistic Man can be found here.

Sunshade West

The west side of town contains the local Inn and Provisioner. The Tavern also has a back exit leading to the west side of town. Street Tough, the Lackey, and a Shopkeep can be found in the back near the tavern exit.

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