Yusufa is a character in Octopath Traveler. She is a dancer in Sunshade, much like Primrose, who she is best friends with.


When she was a child, Yusufa was sold to Helgenish in Sunshade, presumably by her parents. Upon arrival, Yusufa felt lonely and excluded, as everyone else was "cruel" and "miserable". However, she eventually found strength due to Primrose and her strong demeanour.

During the events of Octopath Traveler, Yusufa is shown to be the only dancer who likes Primrose. She stands up for Primrose when she is mocked by the other dancers. Later, when Primrose identifies one of the three men who killed her father, Yusufa helps Primrose pursue him by distracting Helgenish. However, as a result of this, she is captured by Helgenish and murdered in front of Primrose. As she is dying, Yusufa recalls her history to Primrose and asks her if she considers her a friend. Yusufa dies happy after Primrose confirms that Yusufa is indeed her friend.



"I was worried about you. How is your foot?"



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